Jennifer Wolfe Design is an independent design studio based in New York. We work with corporate clients, small businesses, organizations and individuals to build design-focused company cultures.

We work in print, web-based, digital and physical environments, working collectively with the most interesting strategists, makers, culturalists, creatives and craftspeople, to complement our own skills. Our creative teams hail from all over the world–Africa, Central America, Europe, North and South America–and our clients span 34 cities in 11 countries.

Jennifer is an award-winning designer, TED Fellows Design Coach, Co-Organizer of Maker Faire Africa and science junkie. Through her experimental design lab, 'Design Scientista',  she explores the confluence of science + design + making through the application of honest materials, 'hand wrought intelligence', and the imprinting of our dna into the things we make. A champion of emerging technologies and informal systems, she likes to help shift perspectives about how we live, where we make, and why we communicate with each other. Sometimes she's in Brooklyn. Sometimes she's in Upstate. Sometimes she's in Africa.



Branding & Identities
Data Visualization
Design Research
Editorial Design
Interactive & UX Design
Makerspaces & Maker Methods


The Reading List

Shadow Cities. The Spark of Life : Electricity in
the Human Body.
Nature Design. Elements of Ethics.
The Architecture of Happiness. The Craftsman. The Visual
Display of Quantitative Information. Kitchen Butterfly.
Shop Class as Soul Craft. Why Beauty is Truth.
The back of any Lagos Lorry.

The Writing List

Quantum Design: SuperSymmetry as a Global Aesthetic.
Chaos: the Ultimate Creative Discipline. Squishy Fish.
The Lace, the Rosette & the Thorn: A Tale of Cellular
Growing Up Detroit.




BioAfrique: Ancient Pattern in Modern Decor