Jennifer is a designer & maker with a vision to liberate beauty in resource-constrained environments.

Intrigued by the idea that craftsmanship applied on a nano level might strengthen the integrity and authenticity of design on a macro level, her work seeks to consider the social impact of ancestry and heritage when applied to patternization, algorithms, & fractals, as tools for creating reducable scales of beauty.

Through her experimental design lab, 'Design Scientista',  she is exploring the confluence of science + design + making through the application of honest materials, 'hand wrought intelligence', and the imprinting of our dna into the things we make. A co-organizer of Maker Faire Africa, she champions the application of emerging technologies and informal systems, to shift ideas about how we live, where we make, and why we communicate with each other. Sometimes she's in Brooklyn. Sometimes she's in Africa.


The Reading List

Shadow Cities. The Spark of Life : Electricity in
the Human Body. Nature Design. Elements of Ethics.
The Architecture of Happiness. The Craftsman. The Visual
Display of Quantitative Information. Do or Dine's menu.
Shop Class as Soul Craft. Why Beauty is Truth.
The back of any Lagos Lorry.



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Creation >. Qompendium >. One Nigerian Boy >. Where
Science Meets Culture >. P2P Foundation >. CcHub Nigeria >.
Timbuktu Chronicles >.


Recommended Articles

Nº 47
Bitcoin Seeks New Life in Africa
As a privatized currency shoots through the stratosphere,
we revisit this article from MIT on why it was meant to be,
and will be.


What I'm Writing

Quantum Design:
SuperSymmetry in a Global Aesthetic
How gravitational interactions might help us build
a new "Tree of Universal Aesthetics" that exists in a
fifth dimension of design. Or, why can't we change
an elephant into a wombat without someone noticing?



BioAfrique: Ancient Pattern in Modern Decor