Sunbeam Tamai



JWD was asked to concept and design a tea maker for Sunbeam that would transform the look of its famous coffee maker into a more upscale home brewing system for sale in Williams Sonoma. "Tamai" honors the spirit & speed of its predecessor, Mr. Coffee, while rocking new curves & cutouts that are decidedly more feminine. Plus, it brews a perfect cup of tea.

Sunbeam knew they had an opportunity to compete in the fast growing consumer tea market, but as the leading manufacturer of the mainstream Mr. Coffee, they were hesitant to stray from the machine that had that made them a household name. They approached Applied Mechanical Technologies : : to design a new interior brewing mechanism that would convert the shell of the famous coffee maker into an automatic drip tea maker. But AMT wasn't so certain it could be that simple and still be successful. So they asked JWD to help offer Sunbeam an alternative; a design based on the fundamental manufacturing specs of a Mr. Coffee, that was different enough it could be branded as a separate product line. Our initial research showed that, in fact, a new sub brand would be necessary if Sunbeam was to successfully transition from the mainstream market of Walmart to the upscale audiences of Williams Sonoma. At first the product development team at Sunbeam resisted the new direction, but when Sunbeam's Marketing Director heard about the potential new product line, the concept was quickly embraced and Tamai was moved forward into final development within the year.





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