Mamasan's is known throughout the country for its fresh Vietnamese + Thai cuisine. Many patrons travel great distances to eat here. The restaurant has become known as a place where celebrities and regular folks dine together, all sharing a common goal; to eat great food.

Inheriting a Denny's restaurant as your canvas doesn't make for the easiest of architectural facelifts. But when JWD was asked to design Mamasan's new identity, as well as participate in the design of the new building, that's exactly what we inherited. (Scroll down to see a photo of the original sad-sack Denny's.) Working with the architects & interior designers, JWD gave the existing structure a much needed facelift, adding new architectural elements such as signage, lighting, awnings, screens, fencing, new exterior facings and asian inspired landscaping. We then set to work on a new logo and identity materials for the restaurant's spring launch. Amazingly, all work was undertaken and competed in less than 60 days.



BioAfrique: Ancient Pattern in Modern Decor